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What Is Your Father?训练题 本文摘要:Unit 1 What Is Your Father?(陕旅版四上)Part A既学既练一.选单词。

Unit 1 What Is Your Father?(陕旅版四上)Part A既学既练一.选单词。A. doctor B.driver C.nurse D.farmer E.policeman F.cook1. 厨师( )2.护士( )3.男警员( )4.农民( )5.医生( )6.司机( )一.判断下列句子或对话与提示是(T)否(F)相符。

( )1.--What is your father? --He is a cook. 司机( )2.My mother is a nurse. 护士 ( )3.His brother is a driver. 男警员( )4.She is a doctor. 教师 ( )5.He is a farmer.农民二.给下列句子选择正确的翻译。( )1.What is your father? A.她是一名医生。

( )2.Is your mother a worker,too? B.你的爸爸是做什么事情的?( )3.She is a doctor. C.我的爸爸是一名工人。( )4.He is a cook. D.你的妈妈是一名工人吗?( )5.My father is a worker. E.他是一名厨师。三.按要求写句子。1. My father is a worker.(对划线部门提分)2. a he worker is(.)(连词成句)3. Is your father a doctor,too?(做肯定回覆)4. She is a doctor.(翻译成汉语)5. 他是一名厨师。

(翻译成英语)Part B既学既练一.选出下列单词中差别类的一项。( )1.A.he B.she C.am ( )2.A.mother B.nurse C.doctor( )3.A.sister B.what C.brother ( )4.A.he B.your C.my( )5.A.is B.are C.she二.选择正确的谜底。

( )1.-- is your father? --He is a doctor. A.When B.What C.Who( )2.-- is she? --She is my sister. A.Where B.Who C.When( )3.This is teacher. A.he B.she C.my( )4.She is nurse. A.a B.an C./( )5.-- she a worker? --Yes,she is. A.What B.Who C.Is三.判断下列句子与汉语提示是(T)否(F)相符。( )1.My mother is a nurse. 护士( )2.His father is a worker. 农民( )3.She is a sister. 男孩( )4.I want to be a driver. 司机( )5.His brother is a policeman. 男警员四.给下列句子选择合适的答语。


( )1.Who is she? A.Nice to meet you.( )2.What is your mother? B.She is my sister.( )3.Is she a teacher? C.No,she isn’t.( )4.Good-bye. D.Bye!( )5.Nice to meet you. E.She is a worker.Part C既学既练一.判断下列汉语与单词是(T)否(F)相符。( )1.教师 nurse ( )2.工人 farmer ( )3.医生 doctor( )4.男警员worker ( )5.爷爷grandpa二.选择单词,补全句子或对话。A.Who B.is C.has D.wants E.What1. She a nurse. 2.He some friends. 3.-- is he? --He is a farmer.4. -- is he? --He is my father. 5.He to be a cook.三.按要求写句子。

1. She is a teacher.(对划线部门提问)2. Is she your mother?(做否认回覆)3. I have a friend.(改为复数句)4. Is he brother my (.)连词成句5. His father is a worker.(翻译成汉语)单元测试一.凭据提示,圈单词。1.农民gdfarmeraed 2.男警员abdcpolicemanhzk3.母亲zkemother 4.司机adcdriverfgk 5.厨师policook二.选出下列单词中差别类的一项。

( )1.A.want B.we C.they ( )2.A.who B.what C.doctor ( )3.A.is B.are C.she( )4.A.mother B.my C.father ( )5.A.cook B.driver C.cake三.选择正确的谜底。( )1.This is book. A.my B.he C.I( )2.-- is she? --She is my sister. A.Who B.Whose C.What( )3.My brother to be a teacher. A.want B.wants C.wanted( )4.His father is a . A.policeman B.policewoman C.policemen( )5.-- your father a worker? --Yes,he is. A.Are B.Is C.What四.判断下列句子与汉语是(T)否(F)相符。( )1.My mother is a nurse. 教师( )2.I want to be a policeman. 男警员( )3.He is my grandpa. 奶奶( )4.This is a cook. 厨师( )5.My father is a farmer. 农民五.情景外交。

( )1.你想问“你的妈妈是做什么事情的”,应该问:A.Who is your mother? B.What is your mother?( )2.你想问“这个男孩是谁?”,你应该问:A.Who is this boy? B.Who is this girl?( )3.当你见到自己的朋侪时,要与其打招呼,你应该说:A.Hello. B.I have some friends.( )4.你想说“我的妈妈是一名护士。”,你应该说:A.My mother is a nurse. B.My father is a doctor.( )5.你想说“这是我的妹妹。”,你应该说: A.This is my brother. B.This is my sister.六.给下列句子选择正确的翻译。( )1.I want to be a teacher. A.他是做什么事情的?( )2.My father is a cook. B.我想成为一名老师。

( )3.This is my grandpa. C.这是我的爷爷。( )4.Who is she? D.她是谁?( )5.What is he? E.我的爸爸是一名厨师。